School Integration


The Concept of Homestay

The basis of all our programmes is the fact that students do not reside in a school, residential centre or hostel but enjoy the real Irish experience, staying with an Irish family. Our network of welcoming, responsible families has been personally built up over the years. Students are placed in families with children of a similar age, are carefully matched in terms of interests and hobbies, and the focus is on participating in daily family life and activities. An extension of this is the Farm Stay programme, which includes exactly the same elements as the Homestay, but the student asks to be accommodated on a farm to experience the Irish farming lifestyle.

School Integration / Year Round Stays

This is an extremely popular programme for students looking to integrate into an Irish school and concentrate on their fluency and academic ability. We are happy to accommodate students who wish to attend an Irish School for any academic period. This length and detail of this programme is tailored to each individual request and as with all other stays, includes accommodation with an Irish family. Our advice would be that the best time of year to integrate is in the earlier months of the academic year, as placements can be more difficult to secure as the exam period draws closer in May.

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